"APSIS Lead is simple and grows our business - it's awesome!"

Expense by Dicom is a new, user-friendly solution for processing credit card invoices, receipts and expense reports efficiently. 

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The challenge

One of the biggest challenges Expense by Dicom faced was focusing their small-sized sales team's efforts onto the right prospects. While there were many potential customers for Dicom’s product, it was important that their sales representatives understood a prospect’s interests and needs to create meaningful discussions. 

 “APSIS Lead helped our sales team prioritise their time. It's user-friendly, simple and grows our business - APSIS Lead is awesome!” 
- Emelie Löthman, Marketing Manager, Expense by Dicom 

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The solution

 Expense by Dicom used APSIS Lead to gain a detailed, real-time understanding of their website traffic and plot the interests of each individual visiting their site. New leads were generated by identifying prospects with clear purchasing intentions through customised filters. This efficiently delivered high-quality leads to a dedicated sales rep, so Dicom sales agents could act on the right lead at the right time — saving time to create new business opportunities every day.


"APSIS Lead is now a natural part of our daily sales routines. I easily plot and rank new leads to the right sales person for follow-up. We now have complete control of what our website generates for us," enthused Marketing Manager Emelie Löthman, adding: "The best thing of all is that we stay ahead of our competition in attracting our most important potential customers. APSIS Lead really is awesome!" 

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